"First, Paramount is a Rolls Royce level mattress company. Their beds are sold at Bloomingdale’s and adorn some of the most luxurious hotels in America. Yet, many of their price-points are reachable for average purchasers while still maintaining very high quality. I had tried three mattresses. I have osteoarthritis, a painful lower back, and a painful right hip. I had tried to find a mattress that addressed all of these problems at once, but with no success … until I learned of the Dr. Maas Back Performance by Paramount. After talking to Dr. James Maas himself about how this mattress came to be, I tried it at the store and ultimately purchased it. It fully supported my back while providing the plushness needed for my hip. It’s quality and performance has truly amazed me, and four years after my purchase it is still like new. It is a superb product. I highly recommend it." User
The most comfortable night sleep in a VERY long time! I love HD Super Duty Graham Euro Top bed! It is fantastic!! I cannot tell Paramount Sleep how much I appreciate my new HD mattress set!!
Loren O’Neil
“We especially like that our customers are impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of each of the products within the brand. We specialize in mattresses made with certified organic and natural materials and the Hypnos line of mattresses fit in perfectly with our core business. Adding the Hypnos products has definitely provided us a competitive advantage over other stores in our area.”
The Organic Bedroom
Joey Ashley, President
Hi, I purchased one of your Nature's Spa firm mattress back in 2000. I have to say I religiously turned it once a month as the info provided had mentioned. I'm ready to replace it and I was glad to see you are still in business. I see you have more of a selection than you did in 2000 or the store I purchased it from only had a limited selection. Mattress shopping is not always fun. But finding a mattress that I've been satisfied with for 10 years, says something about your mattress. I'll be searching for a retailer that I can try out your mattress in the 12601 zipcode area. Thanks for making such a great mattress!
Brenda Sramek
“We are always looking for something unique, something different to give our customers value. Hypnos has one of the most unique innersprings I’ve seen in my 34 years in the industry, and I also like the natural, sustainable materials. Right out of the gate, our customers responded to it. The feel is totally unique.”
Mt. Vernon Sleep Galleries
Ray Brown
“I waited to make this review because we have purchased other mattresses in the past and after a few weeks they changed in feel. This mattress has given us many great nights of comfortable sleep and has not changed in feel. It is built so well and definitely worth the money. Now my Mom has one and loves it.”
“I received my awesome new A.H. Beard mattress that is allowing me to sleep like a baby! Thank you for all that you did to make this transaction possible. I had the most amazing retail experience that I will continue to share with all customers that care to listen.”
The Dump Texas, Customer
Kathy Houston
“Paramount Sleep exemplifies quality by manufacturing their sleep products in the U.S.A. with superior component parts and exemplifies value by hitting important price points throughout their lines. When you bring in their high level of manufacturing consistency and professionalism throughout the company, you have a product and a story that is unparalleled in the bedding industry.”
Esprit Décor
Ricky Christian, Owner
“We feel the product shows extremely well in the detail and tailoring of the final product. Overall, the value and quality for the money in all of the Paramount Sleep beds will beat any of the big name brands on our floor. Our customers and salespeople can easily see why Paramount Sleep is one of the best-selling beds on our floor.”
Mattress Corner
Bill Gaines, Owner
“I purchased a Nature Spa Retreat about 2 years ago and I LOVE it!! So much that we purchase 3 more for our guest bedrooms. Before purchasing our Nature’s Spa, we looked at and tried tons of beds. When I laid on the bed I told my husband THIS IS IT!! At that point, I didn’t even know the price of the bed and didn’t care: I just knew this was the bed for us!!! Needless to say, we love these beds and so do our guests! Thank You.” User
“This bed is amazing! Not only does it provide the support we wanted but its the best nights sleep we've ever had. The staff at Paramount was very helpful and knowledgeable. We couldn't have asked for a better experience."
Jared Ellison
“We had the mattresses delivered to our new home on 6/19. Got our adjustable bases on 6/20. Slept on the beds on 6/22. Love the mattresses & the work well with the bases. Thanks for your assistance!”
Mike & Vicki Nowlan
“I have never slept so well! With the mountain air and the perfect Nature’s Spa beds at Blackberry Farm, I left my weekend getaway more refreshed and feeling younger than I have in years.”
Blackberry Farm Guest
“The Mattress Place has partnered with Paramount Sleep for the past five years and finds Paramount to be the most committed mattress manufacturer in the industry. They provide a vast variety of the highest-quality products that customers demand in today’s market, including natural latex, memory foam, soy-based foams and innerspring mattresses, and they come with the longest warranty. With excellent product quality control and fast shipping to retailers, they really serve their customers.”
The Mattress Place
Moeen Kahn
“We just got our Nature’s Spa Pure Gel Charleston delivered with the adjustable base. WE LOVE this bed. It is truly an amazing product. We never knew we could sleep so great! We wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized everyday. Thank you so much for a great mattress and more importantly a great night’s sleep!”
Mike Rajewski
“Our new Hypnos is like a wearing a fine European dress shoe”. We love the new bed and my wife’s back pain is gone due to the tremendous support the product provides” the Hypnos mattress is a beast”
Hilltop Medical Group
Dr. Werwath
“The Dr. Maas Collection 1400 Gel Euro Top bed was referred to us by Dr. Maas himself. I wake up every day feeling refreshed and energized, ready for whatever the day presents. As a professional athlete, I never knew how much difference a mattress could make on my performance on and off the ice. All I can say is ‘Thank you Dr. Maas!’”
Professional Hockey Player
Matt Carle
“I love this mattress!. The HD mattress is the best mattress I have ever slept on in my life. It is truly an amazing product. I am a Captain at the San Diego Fire Department and need great sleep to have peak performance for my job as a fire fighter. The HD mattress provides the support that I need from a mattress.”
Jennifer Worden
“We especially like that our customers are impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of each of the products within the brand. We specialize in mattresses made with certified organic and natural materials and the Hypnos line of mattresses fit in perfectly with our core business. Adding the Hypnos products has definitely provided us a competitive advantage over other stores in our area.”
Ken Barnes
“We are a 65-year-old family furniture business. I have been involved in the store for 45 of those years. We have sold all the ‘S’ brands and the ‘R’ and ‘K’ brands over the history of our business. I can honestly say Paramount Sleep is the best-looking and feeling bedding we have ever sold, regardless of price!”
McCoy Furniture Co.
Pete McCoy
“I partnered with Paramount Sleep because they agreed to make the ultimate mattress system for me. I wanted a product that answered all of the complaints I have heard over the years from people seeking the perfect mattress. The Paramount team was unbelievable in their research and response. Sleep for Success is a product that I think provides the greatest benefit for a great night’s sleep and a better tomorrow.”
Dr. James Maas
Retired Cornell University Professor & Author of Sleep for Success!
“As a salesman, it is imperative to have a good product to ensure customer satisfaction. I can say that many of my customers have bought Paramount mattresses from me, and I hear all of the time how they are sleeping better than ever. Thanks Paramount.”
Rooms Unlimited
Dustin Johnson
"The bed is incredible! The firmness and comfort level of the bed is perfect. Also, I can get out of bed without disturbing my fiancé. Thanks again for everything.”
Professional Hockey Player
Colin Greening
“Best bedding company ever. The last bedding set I bought was made by this company. Awesome quality.”
Melissa Harden
“I have been in the furniture business for 32 years and Paramount is a company that from our rep to their product has been one of the best I’ve dealt with. We will continue to increase our bedding slots with their product. Our customers love the product too!”
Sleep Source
Ronald Martin
“We have received many compliments on how comfortable your mattresses are. We have your mattresses in three of our cabins, and two in our new apartments. We are very pleased to have your mattresses at our resort!”
Hungry Jack Lodge
Forrest & Ericka Parson
“Paramount Sleep makes great mattresses, and I can attest to it since I sleep on one myself. We thank Paramount Sleep for their donation to HIKE for Mental Health.”
Mattress One
Joe Roy
“We have been selling Paramount Mattresses in our Mattress One store in Heath, Ohio. Our customers are very happy with their products as well as our store.”
Westwood Sleep
Thomas Kennedy
“As a manager, I try to provide the best when it comes to the mattresses we have in our showroom. Each customer has different needs, and I believe that Paramount can satisfy those needs. Paramount is a good company that stands behind their product.”
Rominger Southern Furniture Company
Larry Dunn, Vice President & Manager
“My new Back Performance bed is glorious! Thank you for allowing us to get a great night sleep!”
LCDR Retired, Virginia Beach, VA
Scott Porter
“It’s a wonderful product. We are very pleased with it.”
Andreas Furniture
Dan Hicks

Unbelievable sleeping experience!

“We definitely needed an upgrade and WOW is the Asteria Skye Euro Top Plush on massive upgrade. From the moment we removed the wrap on the mattress you could tell the difference. Literally every inch of this mattress, from the material to the seams screams quality. The build level is that good! My wife and I have been sleeping on it for the last week and my oh my is it like sleep heaven. The mattress is amazingly soft and supportive especially with the lumbar layer, and the cooling layer really does keep you cooler. I can definitely tell a huge difference in the quality of sleep I get. All in all, this is just an amazing mattress. Oh and did I mention the 20 year warranty. If you want some amazing might’s sleep, the Skye Euro Top Plush is where it’s at.”
Online Review

Luxury hotel mattress!

“That’s what it feels like! I travel for a living so when it came time to update my mattress, I really started paying attention to what I like and dislike. The Asteria Skye checked all the boxes. I was a little concerned that the plush would be too soft, it’s not and in my opinion, it’s absolutely perfect! Now when I’m home, I still feel like I’m at a luxury hotel, amazing mattress!! It does a good job of keeping me cool which is another important factor because with my anxiety I need 2 heavy comforters to sleep all year and there’s a noticeable difference.”
Online Review

Amazing Night’s Sleep!!!!!!!!

“Bloomingdale’s Asteria Aspen Medium Firm Mattress is an absolute game changer for people like me who constantly have a restless night’s sleep and then wakes with an aching body still in the morning. I have been sleeping through the night again. I love how cool the mattress keeps you at night and the way the mattress just molds to your body it has helped so much with my back pain tremendously. This is an awesome mattress, it is so comfortable that as soon as you lay down you practically fall right off to sleep and you actually stay asleep. I have recommended this mattress to everyone because it leaves you waking up refreshed and energized in the morning and in such a blissful mood.”
Online Review

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