I’m not someone who normally writes reviews or testimonials, but recent experience with Paramount Sleep Company warrants an exception. Here’s why: My wife and I purchased a Hypnos mattress and divan earlier this year, and I’d like to say to anyone reading this review who might be considering upgrading to Hypnos, just do it! Paramount Sleep Company makes these bespoke mattresses (and others) here in America on behalf of the well-known British bedding company, Hypnos, and they make a top-of-the-line, elite product for those looking for real quality bedding. We had been sleeping on a reputable foam mattress for a number of years, but it never met our expectations. The Hypnos Laurel firm mattress manufactured by Paramount was just what we were after! The quality and comfort of our mattress reflects the careful, painstaking, attention-to-detail work of the Paramount master craftsmen, and as a result we sleep better than ever! And, yes, we’re in our sixties with back issues like everyone else! We also experienced the terrific personal attention provided by no less than the President of Paramount, Mr. Richard Fleck, after contacting Paramount online for some bed-frame bolts to go with a headboard we had custom-made. A simple matter, certainly, but Richard responded immediately - on a weekend no less - when he should have been off and spending time with his family! That’s the level of professionalism we all hope to receive from high-end retailers and manufacturers, and it appears to be part of the culture at Paramount Sleep Company. Needless to say, I recommend Paramount and Hypnos highly! Again, don’t wait, just do it! You won’t regret it!
— -Dave Michalik, Middletown, Delaware


Introducing Joma!

Exclusive to Paramount Sleep, the Kiwi Collection brings you the unparalleled comfort and peace of mind that only nature’s finest fiber can offer.

Kiwi Collection mattresses are made with GOLD standard Joma Wool® – certified 100% pure crimped wool of genuine New Zealand origin.

This unique fiber naturally:

• Traps air to create a stable microclimate, for all night thermal comfort

• Feels extra soft and springy, and resists compression over time

• Repels liquid but absorbs vapor, so you never feel clammy or damp

• Traps dust and mold spores before you breathe them in

• Resists burning without the need for harmful chemicals

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New Norfolk Inn features Paramount Sleep mattresses!

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We are totally dedicated to delivering better sleep for a better tomorrow


We are built upon a family legacy
of integrity, innovation and craftsmanship

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To handcraft innovative, state of the art,
stylish sleep products that provide our customers with the highest quality sleep experience, every night


Nearly *100 million Americans are chronically sleep-deprived. Yet the number one factor in getting a good night’s sleep is often overlooked—your mattress. The best mattress systems are designed to fit specific needs. Paramount Sleep offers eight bed sleep systems that address everything from sleep position and body type to lifestyle and comfort preferences.

* https://www.sleephealth.org/sleep-health/the-state-of-sleephealth-in-america/


We had the best night’s sleep in a very long time, my back/spine feels amazing this morning! Our new SIGNATURE STATURE LUXURY Proforma mattress is perfectly firm and cushioned, we do not even feel each other getting in and out of bed. Why didn’t we replace out mattress sooner? We definitely recommend Paramount to anyone looking for a good night’s sleep!
— Karen and Alan, Virginia Beach, Virginia

I can say that many of my customers have bought Paramount mattresses from me, and I hear all of the time how they are sleeping better than ever. Thanks Paramount.
— Dustin Johnson, Rooms Unlimited
My Back Performance bed is glorious! Thank you for allowing us to get a great night sleep!
— Scott Porter, LCDR Retired, Virginia Beach, Virginia
We bought your mattress from Bond Furniture in Loveland, Ohio in April of 2015.The man who owned the store retired and sold the business. His name was Tim Canada. We just wanted to tell you that we are very pleased with our purchase. We should have told you long ago. We had never heard of your company till we went to Bond and talked to Tim. Thanks, again for a good night’s sleep. If we need to purchase again we will look you up. Thank you!
— Gary & Marla Niebling