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Performance Sleep

The revolutionary SHEEX® Performance Cooling Mattress is crafted with style and innovation. This modern and super sleek mattress incorporates layer upon layer of technical performance materials, including the same patented, breathable SLEEP TECH® fabrics from our cooling sheet products and our mattress cover. The Pro+IONIC™ Technology provides a natural, responsive sleep surface and the infused CoolX™ Phase Change Material adapts to temperature changes to maintain consistent comfort. It’s truly a cooling combination like no other!

Quantis Pocketed Spring Unit
Individually wrapped, zoned, 8" tempered steel coils equalize pressure distribution across the entire body.  The center third is the Quantum Coil, designed to support your lumbar area.

High-Performance Fabric with COOLX™ Cooling Technology
PCMS [Phase Changing Materials] absorbs excessive body heat and release it back as needed. Regulate body termperature based on your surroundings, so you're never too hot or too cold.

Copper Infused Latex with PRO + IONIC™ Technology
Copper latex with PRO + IONIC™ technology is enhanced by the restorative benefits of copper ions.  The ions released from the SHEEX® performance mattress while you sleep may help to promote rejuvenation.

Microcoil Comfort Layer
Encased coils that provide 3-way stretch for resilient comfort.  The springs are completely flexible and move in a variety of directions.

Cooling Gel Memory Foam
Cooling Gel enhances air circulation by creating an open cell formation.  This ensures that heat transmitted during sleep dissipates and does not get trapped in the mattress.

10 Year Non-Prorated Warranty

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"Knew I was making the right choice. First off, arrived quickly and packaged securely. Secondly, we took it out of the box while the room temp was on the warmer side but this thing was cool, almost cold, to the touch, wow! Third, not anything to fret about but it took a little longer to level out then the instructions said but its not a big deal, we did get a king so I kind of expected it. We combined it with the performance set, a box spring cover, a duvet, the duvet cover and it's like sleeping in a cool cloud, we also added some pillows from SHEEX, equally amazing. This was my first box mattress, my first foam mattress, and my first king size, SHEEX has made all these experiences as comfortable and as awesome as could be.
Thanks SHEEX!!!"

— Jeff


"So far so awesome. As soon as we took ours out of the box it was much colder than room temp, it's extremely comfortable, this is my first foam mattress, I've always had a problem with them being too hot, this one is not like those, we layered with some SHEEX cooling sheets so its ice cold ftw, although we let it expand for the recommended time and there is lump in the middle or the sides haven't puffed up far enough, we can't tell hopefully it will correct itself if not we will contact SHEEX but the customer service is always great so no worries about correcting the problem
Thanks SHEEX

— Jeff

"Great Mattress...Better Customer Service! We just got a king size SHEEX mattress and sheet set and we love it! The customer service team was awesome in helping me with my order, getting a proper platform, and follow-up. If you are considering a new mattress (and who isn't), put this mattress in your cart and checkout now, you will sleep well.”

— Allen


“Great Mattress - as advertised. My family has slept exclusively in SHEEX sheets for years. I sleep very hot (some nights waking up in sweaty spots regardless of the mattress) and was eager to try out my favorite cooling bedding brand's take on mattresses for people like me. My daughter was first up with a nap on the afternoon it arrived and declared it the most comfortable bed she'd ever slept in. I loved the flexible blend of softness and support. A week later - no sweaty spots! It absolutely sleeps cooler than anything else I've tried, even with the paired mattress pad.
One thing to consider - this is a single layer mattress. The pictures on the website show 2 layers, but you'll have to picture your bedroom set without the height of the box springs to understand what's coming. The bed comes in convenient box - just open and let it expand on your bedroom floor. I hate mattress stores (who doesn't), but from talking to others, the Sheex mattress is kind of like a tempur pedic, but at less than half the cost and clearly designed and dedicated for airflow and cooling!”

— Matt

"Awesome! Love it! My wife saw this advertised online and told me about it. I immediately told her to buy it since I have had SHEEX sheets and pillows for years and love them. Although there was nothing wrong with my camper mattress, I decided to replace it with the SHEEX one and I'm so glad I did. It's the right amount of soft and firm. Kind of marshmallowy and soooo cooooool!!!

— David B.