Back Performance PS

Active lifestyles need and deserve the proper rest.  The Back Performance PS Collection reflects our belief that a balanced combination of comfort and support delivers the optimum sleep system for an active lifestyle.

The Back Performance PS collections features a foam encased OCTANE pocket spring design, quilted Cooling Gel memory foam in the lumbar area, high density foams and more to deliver a plush, supremely comfortable sleeping experience without sacrificing body support, pressure relief or durability.

Each Back Performance model is Doctor Certified by Dr. James Maas, renowned Sleep Doctor and Expert. 

OCTANE Pocketed Spring Unit
Made with 15 Ga. Tempered nested steel coils encased in individual pockets of high-density, high quality fabric, the unit delivers pressure relief that conforms to the individual contours of each person.

360° Foam Encasement
Foam encasement combines 7 components to permanently seal and encase the innerspring 360 degrees to deliver a durable, comfortable seating edge and 20% more sleeping area for years of comfort.

Quilted Cooling Gel Lumbar Foam
Cooling gel lumbar foam in the quilt provides extra support where you need it most on the surface and allows a cooler night’s sleep.

Quilted Natural Silk & Wool Blend
Natural silk and wool fiber adds a layer of comfort to the quilt while wicking away moisture.




“My new Back Performance bed is glorious! Thank you for allowing us to get a great night sleep!”

— Scott Porter, LCDR Retired, Virginia Beach, Virginia



“Words can’t describe my experience with my new Mattress! I’m 51 years old and have never had this type of satisfaction with a mattress. Paramount is the only company I will want to get my mattress from in the future, and I have informed all my friends and family. Thanks so much for all you do!!! We are excited about the next event!”

— Michael Marshall, Customer


“As a salesman, it is imperative to have a good product to ensure customer satisfaction.  I can say that many of my customers have bought Paramount mattresses from me, and I hear all of the time how they are sleeping better than ever.  Thanks Paramount.”

— Dustin Johnson, Rooms Unlimited


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— Joe Roy, Mattress One


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— Thomas Kennedy, Westwood Sleep



“As a manager, I try to provide the best when it comes to the mattresses we have in our showroom.  Each customer has different needs, and I believe that Paramount can satisfy those needs.  Paramount is a good company that stands behind their product.”

— Larry Dunn, Vice President & Manager, Rominger Southern Furniture Company