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Back Performance PS

Support Your Active Lifestyle

Active lifestyles need and deserve the proper rest.  The Back Performance PS Collection reflects our belief that a balanced combination of comfort and support delivers the optimum sleep system for an active lifestyle.

The Back Performance PS collection features a new innovative steel encased design, quilted cooling gel memory foam in the lumbar area, high density foams and more to deliver a plush, supremely comfortable sleeping experience without sacrificing body support, pressure relief or durability.

Back Performance Pocketed Coil Unit
The unique pencil coil forms a frame around our pocketed spring unit, providing a better sleeping edge than foam, reducing or eliminating that roll-off feeling.  The pocketed coils that form the interior of this unit provide an even surface that absorbs partner movement and prevents sleepers from rolling together.

NEW! Steel Encasement
Did you know that steel encasement is proven 26% more durable than foam encasements and allows 32% greater airflow?  The coil encasement reduces the roll-off feeling and delivers a consistent sleep surface.  It also bends an average of 24% easier than foam encasement, making it better for your adjustable bed base! Plus, all steel used in the coil system is recycled!

Each Back Performance model is Doctor Certified by Dr. James Maas, renowned Sleep Doctor and Expert.

15 Year Non-Prorated Warranty

** Warranty Information**

Back Performance FE

Support Your Active Lifestyle

Active lifestyles and fitness must be balanced with the appropriate amount of sleep. Paramount Sleep’s Back Performance® FE collection features ergonomic designs for those who are active for life.

The FE, or Foam Encased, Collection is built with the nested and zoned Back Performance Open Coil System that is flexible and sensitive to the body contours.  The foam encasement delivers a durable, comfortable seating edge and 20% more sleeping area for years of comfort.

Each Back Performance model is Doctor Certified by Dr. James Maas, renowned Sleep Doctor and Expert.


FE Back Performance Coil System
Made with the best nested innerspring system available! This innerspring system is zoned to provide more support where you need it.  The increased flexibility and sensitivity to body contours combined with the no-coil free feel make the Back Performance innerspring system more comfortable.

Foam Encasement
Foam encasement combines 7 components to permanently seal and encase the innerspring 360 degrees to deliver a durable, comfortable seating edge and 20% more sleeping area for years of comfort.

HD Comfort & Support Foams
High Density comfort and support foams provide a luxurious “feel,” long-lasting comfort, support and durability.

15 Year Non-Prorated Warranty

** Warranty Information**

Dr. James Maas

Learn How to Sleep Better

As a retired Cornell University professor and a health and performance consultant, sleep expert Dr. James Maas has studied sleep for more than 40 years.  In addition to authoring the seminal book Sleep for Success!, co-authored with Rebecca Robbins, Dr. Maas has partnered with Paramount Sleep to share his scientific knowledge.

Like us, Dr. Maas understands that sleeping on the right mattress is one of the keys to good sleep. And good sleep, he says, “has profound effects on…your life in terms of good health, alertness, energy, mood, memory, thinking, productivity and performance.”

Take a moment to read a few of Dr. Maas’s invaluable better sleep tips:


Determine Your Personal Sleep Requirements and Meet Them Nightly.
Most adults require 7 ½ to 9 hours of sleep to be fully awake and energized all day.
Pick a bedtime when you’ll likely fall asleep and stay asleep for 8 hours.

Go to Bed at the Same Time Every Night and Wake Up Naturally at the Same Time Every Morning, Including Weekends.
Regularity is vital for setting and stabilizing your body’s biological clock.

Get Your Required Sleep in One Continuous Clock.
“Fragmented sleep” is not physically or mentally restorative, and it causes daytime drowsiness.

Make Up for Lost Sleep as Soon as Possible.
Every two hours of wakefulness requires a repayment of one hour of sleep; when you violate this rule, sleep debt accumulates quickly.

Always be sure to:
• Avoid caffeine after 2:00 PM
• Avoid alcohol three hours before bed
• Exercise between 5:00 and 7:00 PM
• Stay involved and busy
• Keep the room cool by setting the thermometer for 65°F
• Create an information-free zone—turn off the electronics!

Dr. Maas' Key Pillars of Sleep

  1. Pressure relief to prevent tossing and turning

  2. Support

  3. Cool Sleep

  4. No motion transfer

To learn more about how to sleep well, visit bettersleep.org.



“We have received many compliments on how comfortable your mattresses are.  We have your mattresses in three of our cabins, and two in our new apartments.  We are very pleased to have your mattresses at our resort!”

— Forrest and Ericka Parson, Hungry Jack Lodge


“We are a 65-year-old family furniture business. I have been involved in the store for 45 of those years. We have sold all the ‘S’ brands and the ‘R’ and ‘K’ brands over the history of our business. I can honestly say Paramount Sleep is the best-looking and feeling bedding we have ever sold, regardless of price!”

— Pete McCoy, President, McCoy Furniture Co.


“I recently changed from a competitor’s mattress to a Back Performance from Paramount.  It took about a week to adjust to the feel, but now I wouldn’t change it for anything.  It is the perfect night’s sleep.  I would definitely recommend to all of my family and friends to make the change.  It will change the way you sleep.”

— Drew Rivers, Rooms Unlimited


“I have been in the furniture business for 32 years and Paramount is a company that from our rep to their product has been one of the best I’ve dealt with.  We will continue to increase our bedding slots with their product.  Our customers love the product too!”

— Ronald Martin, Sleep Source


“My new Back Performance bed is glorious! Thank you for allowing us to get a great night sleep!”

— Scott Porter, LCDR Retired, Virginia Beach, Virginia



“Words can’t describe my experience with my new Mattress! I’m 51 years old and have never had this type of satisfaction with a mattress. Paramount is the only company I will want to get my mattress from in the future, and I have informed all my friends and family. Thanks so much for all you do!!! We are excited about the next event!”

— Michael Marshall, Customer


“As a salesman, it is imperative to have a good product to ensure customer satisfaction.  I can say that many of my customers have bought Paramount mattresses from me, and I hear all of the time how they are sleeping better than ever.  Thanks Paramount.”

— Dustin Johnson, Rooms Unlimited


“Paramount Sleep makes great mattresses, and I can attest to it since I sleep on one myself.  We thank Paramount Sleep for their donation to HIKE for Mental Health.”

— Joe Roy, Mattress One


“We have been selling Paramount Mattresses in our Mattress One store in Heath, Ohio. Our customers are very happy with their products as well as our store.”

— Thomas Kennedy, Westwood Sleep


 “As a manager, I try to provide the best when it comes to the mattresses we have in our showroom.  Each customer has different needs, and I believe that Paramount can satisfy those needs.  Paramount is a good company that stands behind their product.”

— Larry Dunn, Vice President & Manager, Rominger Southern Furniture Company


“The Dr. Maas Collection 1400 Gel Euro Top bed was referred to us by Dr. Maas himself.  I wake up every day feeling refreshed and energized, ready for whatever the day presents.  As a professional athlete, I never knew how much difference a mattress could make on my performance on and off the ice.  All I can say is ‘Thank you Dr. Maas!’”

—Matt Carle, Professional Hockey Player

“I partnered with Paramount Sleep because they agreed to make the ultimate mattress system for me. I wanted a product that answered all of the complaints I have heard over the years from people seeking the perfect mattress. The Paramount team was unbelievable in their research and response. Sleep for Success is a product that I think provides the greatest benefit for a great night’s sleep and a better tomorrow.”

—Dr. James Maas, retired Cornell University professor and author of Sleep for Success!

“The mattress is out of this world!  The Dr. Maas mattress is in a class on its own. The foam top provides great cushioning and feel without too much heat , while the coils provide perfect support.  After the first night I woke up without discomfort and having had one of the best night’s rest I have had in a long time.”

—Rebecca S. Robbins, co-author of Sleep for Success!

“Paramount is Grand Furniture’s oldest continuous vendor. For over five decades, they have provided us with a quality product that they stand behind with their excellent customer service. They have maintained their ongoing relationship with Grand by giving us timely and accurate delivery, and by being flexible and attentive to our product needs.”

—Kathy Gecek, Merchandising Manager, Grand Furniture